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Feminine singular

The 24-year-old singer could not better carry this mark of destiny, which, by her own admission, has forged her voluntary character and her imagination. 

“My parents named me before I was born. They decided that no matter what I would be, boy or girl, I would be Simon. It was sometimes difficult to assume, but today, I don’t see myself being other thing, “she explains in her youthful voice.

Raised in music (her mother is a record producer) and with a deep respect for artistic expression, Simon Wilcox did fine art at the College of Art and Design in Ontario before picking up the guitar and assuming his musical destiny.

After having surveyed the Toronto clubs, in 1999 she released her first independent CD, Mongrel of Love.

At the first listen, a rapprochement is inevitable: Ani Di Franco. For the style, but also for the personal aspect of his texts. “I met music very early in my life, but I never thought I was good enough to make it.

One day I came to a crossroads. I had to choose my medium. artistic. My choice fell on music because it is the most effective and instantaneous means of communication. It is, depending on the month, the perfect medium. “

Sensitive to the fingertips, permeable to what surrounds her, it is in music that she reacts to what moves her. “I’m really emotional. The things that are happening around me have an important effect on me.

At that time, I take refuge in writing. What I find good with the song, what it allows take a look at a subject, observe it, but also leave enough space for others to do the same. Isn’t it just a matter of communication? ” She asks.

This urgency to share with the public has the effect of a real drug for Simon Wilcox. “I’m afraid of the day when I won’t be able to do that anymore. Even when I don’t play in the best conditions, it makes me feel good.

I couldn’t be happy if I did something else. And when I I want to go there, I think I could work in a small cafe and that puts everything in perspective. “

It is a series of remarkable encounters which is at the origin of his coming to Quebec. In December, she met Jorane in Toronto. The two young women were going to fraternize right away. “It was through my giant, at BMG, that we were put in contact. The people from my record company believed that we should meet. It happened at a Christmas party , “recalls the singer.

Each one literally fell in love with the work of the other. “I think we are both a bit naive; and extremely creative … When I saw Jorane playing for the first time, there was no doubt without my mind that she had something eternal , wonderful.

I told myself that I had to drop the music! I thought it was so good! It embodied music alone! I think we are soul mates, linked by something very strong, “said she.

So that all the opportunities are good to meet each other. Between the branches, it is said that Jorane could appear in his show. “I hope she will also agree to play on my next album. It will be up to her to decide if she feels like it, but I would very much like that to happen. It would be ideal!” she exclaims, admitting at the same time that writing is a slow process for her.

That said, quietly, she gets there. “I hope to deliver a more coherent album, which reaches a wider audience. I am not trying to do something popular, but to prune the elements which could put off some ..”

On occasion, she also premet herself a few follies, but she reserves that for the stage. In Quebec, she promises us a cover of … Michael Jackson! “I can’t wait to be there!”

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