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9 Technologies That Changed the Way Musicians Create Music

For those in the music industry, it may be interesting to look back at some of the ways that music creation evolved over the years.

If you are curious about how technology has affected music creation, looking at the timeline of these developments may be enlightening.

Here is your list of 9 technologies that changed how musicians created;

Sound Recording and Playback Devices

The Phonograph, invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison brought music to the home for the first time.

It was the first device that was used to both record and playback audio.

Before Thomas Edison’s invention, music could be consumed only at live performances at entertainment events.

Presently there are improved devices for recording and playing music. Examples;

New Electronic Musical Instruments

Imagine the whole world of music remaining analog rather than digital.

You may have a preference for the cool non-electric musical instruments but sometimes you want to go electric.

Today there is even a form of music we call electric.

Multi-track Recording

At this time recording media have been digitized so music producers could try different soundtracks or voice-overs which will make up the final track.

This way, it became easier to create various kinds of music discoveries like pop culture music.


The synthesizer is an accessory that provides you all the soundtracks from every kind of musical instruments including voice effect tracks. The trend of using synthesizers began in the 1970s.


MIDI acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface was the darling in music production.

This technology allowed producers to combine sounds of different musical instruments with one interface.

Most modern keyboards are good examples of a MIDI device because they allow musicians and creators to access to all manner of musical instruments.

Imagine if music creators had to hire all the instruments that they needed plus the musicians who would play them! So with MIDI, it’s almost like learn one play all musical instruments.


Some people may not like auto-tune in music because they feel it’s fake or it’s cheating, but it definitely changed music.

Many musicians use ‘vocoder’, which helps to manipulate the vocalist voice just like applying effects on any other soundtrack. The application of autotune became popular in the 1990s but Kanye West uses it the best.

Music Production Software

The age of computer software almost removes most of the middlemen in the production of music.

For instance, you don’t need the synthesizer and you may even create music without a physical musical instrument.

Cool right?

Most upcoming artists use some of this software; Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Garageband.

Techsuite also develops some of the softwares most especially web applications.

Loop Pedal

Similar to the effect pedal, the loop pedal makes it possible to make music on the fly.

You can create beats, progressively add the component of your music and perform it live on the stage.

Ed Sheeran live performances are an example of an artist using loop pedal in live shows. It is also a useful method of production in studios.


From buying beats, buying songs, collaborating with other artists from across continents to the distribution of music, the Internet is a tool that definitely changed music creation. For instance, Spotify and other music distribution media live on the Internet.

Artists can create faster by outsourcing various production roles that make up the production of their music.

Music management also uses Internet tools to determine how to produce music that will be accepted in the market.


From the phonograph, gramophone to our modern sound systems today, music creation has evolved from a certain past.

We saw how people interacting with tools made production easier with time.

As artists keep creating, technology change is still possible to bring another revolution anytime.

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