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Established in May 2002, NANJING TIANZHENG FUTURE AUTOMATIONCO.,LTD. has two sites, one is in the Technology Park of Shanghai Pudong new district,the other is in the High-tech Zone of Nanjing city. The company is figured in the list of Shanghai High-Tech firms, Shanghai Software firms, and is certified according to the international quality management system ISO9001.

Specialised in the development and integration of hardware & software applications for power automation, the company is widely viewed as a reliable solution-finder and provider of high added-value products to power industry, going from substation automation, railway control & automation, power plant control, to distributed industrial process control.

Since its creation, the company has been fostering the idea of “Technology First” .With numerous senior experts and skilful professionals, we’ve been leading the power automation industry in China over the years. Our self-developed applications include the STS-850 series of all-digital protection products, the STS-313 series of multi-terminal optical differential protection products, the STB-321 series of bus bar differential protection products, the STS-360G series of generating unit protection products, the STM-340 series of lowvoltage protection & monitoring products,and recently the STG-331 series of turbinegenerator rotor torsional vibration protection on product. Thousands of these products have been successfully operating in the power industry, to the full satisfaction of our customers.

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Headquarter: 2/F, Building 7, Taishan Technology and Innovation Park, No. 18, Pusi Road, Pukou District, Nanjing City

Marketing Center: 10 / F, Junjie Kechuang Building, No. 51, Qingshui Ting West Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing