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STS360 Series protection device

Based on the development of a new generation of products,We give you STS 360 substation automation system.

STS 360 focused on the current international development trends, extensivelyabsorb the existing technology and experience at home and abroad, and technically innovated, its products (series) covers 10kV ~ 220kV and above voltage level transmission and distribution line protection , Master equipmentprotection and measurement control systems, and provides a complete solutionfor substation automation at each voltage level.

TM2000 Digital integrated protection device

TM-2000 digital lowvoltage protection device is a current, voltage protection and three-phase reclosing as the basic configuration of the set of low-voltage protection device. Suitable for 35KV and below the voltage level of the indirect grounding system or by resistance grounding system in the low-voltage protection. It can be installed in the switchgear in situ, it can also be installed in the control room panel. The main function is as follows: three-phase phase-to-phase current protection element, three-stage zero sequence current protection element, low voltage blocking element, reclosing element, closing acceleration protection element (front acceleration, rear acceleration).


System is a layered and distributed architecture using Ethernet network, including substation layer, network layer, and bay layer. Substation layer uses 100M Ethernet network, while bay layer 10M Ethernet.Star-topology based structure, may use twisted cable or optical fibre, ideal complete solution for substations of ≤220kV.

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